Weldments (CSWPA–WD)

About Certification

The CSWPA-WD exam is a comprehensive, non-proctored online exam that tests an individual’s understanding of the SOLIDWORKS tools that aid in the design of Weldment components.

The Weldments certification sets you apart as a person who has successfully demonstrated their understanding of the set of SOLIDWORKS tools that aid in the design of Weldments components. For hiring managers, it acts as a valuable assessment to attest for an individual’s competency, there by reducing the amount of time and energy required to research prospective candidates.

Exam Details

Total Questions: 26
Total Points: 255
Points Needed to Pass: 190
Maximum Time: 120 min
• Weldment profile creation
• Placing the Weldment profile in the Weldment profile library
• Basic and Fldvanced Weldment Part creation
• Weldment corner modification
• Placing gaps at corners and seg ment intersections
• End Caps
• Gussets
• Weldment Part modification
• Trim/Extend Command
• 3D Sketch Creation
• Cut List Folder management in the Weldment Part
• Cut List creation in the Weldment Drawing